Mud is easily the best film I’ve seen this year, and it might end up very high on my list of all time favorites. 
Every aspect of this film is so good that it’s hard to mention anything without neglecting everything, or giving away more of the plot than I like to.  But I’ll say this:  there is a plot device, it’s in the photo above (for those who’ve seen the movie), that had me laughing for several minutes (for obvious reasons) and yet it also allowed me to take it seriously within the context of the story. That is quite an accomplishment.
That’s minute but memorable.  The story, and writing is great, the acting is all excellent, McConaughey was on top of his game and the few scenes Michael Shannon got into he absolutely destroyed.  The two boys, Sheridan and Loftland, were great, really impressive.  The entire cast made their characters very interesting and real.  Nichols directing is refreshing but mature and nothing short of brilliant in this effort.
Mud is one of those rare ones that reminds you just how good movies can be.
Hollywood is going up in flames this Summer, but in The End there is grace.  
This is the funniest movie I’ve seen in a long time.  
It’s not perfect, but the flaws are forgivable because the laughs are so frequent.  Some of the plot devices are borderline too ridiculous, even for an absurd comedy, but I’ll credit that to the source material.
Arrested Development Season 4 was released on Netflix roughly ten hours ago, that’s 2 AM my time. By 11 AM I had watched all 15 episodes.
It was not a huge mistake.I liked it. There are some very funny parts, but the laughs aren’t as frequent as they were in seasons 1-3.
This season is fundamentally different.  It’s focused on each individual character, and doesn’t spend as much time on the family as a whole.  
That’s the biggest problem, a critical flaw in Season 4’s design:  the Bluths don’t spend enough time in the same room together. 
The crazy plots and clever threading are great and still plenty funny in season 4, but the x factor in Arrested Development’s unique success was the talented ensemble cast. They got the humor, got each other and had a special chemistry on camera. Some of that is missing in Season 4. 
The departure from the formula of the previous years forces 4 to search for its own personality, and it develops several.  It’s going to take more time and views to get to know them all… but it’s different. 
Well, it’s been a long night.  Arrested Development Season 4 was funny and I’m happy they went to all the trouble to give us a little more time with the Bluths.  If only they’d spend a little more time with each other.
The Great Gatsby is worse than I could have possibly imagined.  Saying it’s over the top, self indulgent, sequinned garbage is criminally understated.  But, that would be the first and only subtlety associated with this movie.
Baz Luhrmann was a terrible choice.  I am a fan of his previous work, there are things he does well, but he doesn’t have any appreciation for the source material here.  In fact, there seems to be an underlying indignation for the sacred ground on which he’s standing… which would explain why he pissed all over it. 
Luhrmann could have done well, but he didn’t pick his moments to go all-out as expertly as he did in Moulin Rouge.  The director was so busy making things look pretty (read: gaudy) he forgot  about everything else.  The trouble doesn’t end there, the music is terrible and disconnected, the shots are amateur, and everything about the way this movie was directed was wrong.
I am only left to assume the director did not understand the story or why it was important to preserve its tone. Everything good about the novel is buried under ten tons of dogshit… and it doesn’t matter that the dog ate a box of crayons, it still stinks.
DiCaprio is great at moments, so much so that it’s frustrating because his efforts are so wasted.  Maguire was a good choice, but I hardly remember him for the aforementioned reasons.  Carey Mulligan is a fine Daisy Buchanan, but she’s crippled by the fact that Baz doesn’t know why Gatsby likes her and the director seems to view women as a place to hang clothes.
This film is a mess and it’s painful to watch.  Baz Luhrmann and the producers should be ashamed of themselves.
Community is back!  
It started off strong, and has retained some of its charm… but over the length of the full season the absence of Dan Harmon is growing more conspicuous. 
With Harmon running things, Community not only had laughs, it had a special flavor that seemed to go beyond style.  The show had a philosophy and you were constantly learning a little more about it. 
It also hinted at some long term vision, and the payoffs were frequent down the line. 
Without Harmon, fans no longer have the promise that the show is still headed in the direction its creator intended and the ultimate payoff for that journey can no longer be assured, even if the extremely talented cast and a strong group of writers can reproduce the heart of the humor.
Skyfall returns James Bond to the majesty the franchise has boasted for over fifty years.  
The film accomplishes this by doing what James Bond does best:  hits hard, looks good, and cracks wise. 
When Bond films fail, it usually involves a half baked attempt to do something the series has not done particularly well before.  They do not make that mistake this time around, nothing campy or overly ambitious.
Skyfall keeps it simple, and thrives in its relative subtlety, without coming off as overly formulaic and tired. Any action fan will want to see this at least once.
If you’re a fan of the series, Skyfall will find a prominent place in your collection.
Matt Damon kidnapped Jimmy Kimmel, hijacked Thursday night’s Live and re-titled it Jimmy Kimmel Sucks.
With Jimmy literally tied up in the background, Damon brought out a parade of Hollywood’s best and brightest, joking with each like it was a talk show two-minute drill. 
You have to give Matt Damon credit, he ran that shit like Tom Brady.Hilarity ensued.   


What’s up now, water??  GET SOME, BITCH!

If you think Wilfred is just a show about a guy in a dog suit, you better watch the first two seasons. Prepare to laugh your ass off while having your mind fucked.

Wilfred is easily one of the five funniest shows on TV right now.


Season 3 hasn’t been quite as strong.

Workaholics makes a very strong case that it is the funniest show on TV right now. 
It literally only took 3 seconds for the show to make me laugh. 
That sort of ability to give another person instantaneous, involuntary pleasure is rarely seen while I’m wearing pants. Well done.
The Man Who Wasn’t There is an ultra slow burn noir film about an unsatisfied barber.  
It’s a good movie, and a well told, fairly simple story.  Well, simple by Coen standards. 
The biggest draw is above average acting from a top tier cast, strong and subtly clever dialogue, and beautiful black and white shots that really take full advantage of the style and setting. 
Take a look at this one the next time you’re in the mood for a movie that’s quietly interesting.  But, don’t look too much… as a fella says, the more you look, the less you really know.